Pilot STaRS programme

The first group STaRS programme ran from the end of January 2015 to mid April 2015. 20 people participated in the three different groups. People with all types of MS were included.

The results include the following:

FATIGUE:   Levels of fatigue improved in all groups. Group A by 20%, Group B by 17% and Group C by 7% measured using the MS fatigue scale

WALKING:   In the two walking groups, the distance walked in 6 minutes increased by 38% (63m) in Group A and by 23% (13m) in Group B.

ARM function: In Group C, arm function of the right and left arm improved by 13% and 9% respectively. This was measured using the Fugl-Meyer arm assessment.

Benefits identified by individuals included:

  • Meeting others with MS and socialising
  • Friendly atmosphere and fun
  • Motivation to exercise
  • Doing more and not getting fatigued
  • Learning
  • Exercises to suit me/designed to help me
  • Mental stimulation in having to count!