Fatigue Programme


The Fatigue Management programme called FACETs is for people with MS fatigue.  This programme does not take away fatigue but it will help people manage their fatigue better.  The FACETs programme is endorsed by the MS Society.

MS Fatigue

Fatigue affects up to 92% of people with MS with at least two thirds listing fatigue as one of their most troubling symptoms.  Fatigue is that invisible symptom that other people cannot see and very often do not understand.  It can seriously interfere with activities of daily life as it can affect people both physically and mentally.  For more information on MS fatigue.

Fatigue Management Programme Overview (FACETs)

FACETs is a group based intervention for the management of MS-fatigue where people with MS are helped to develop techniques to manage their fatigue.  “The FACETs programme incorporates short presentations, group activities, discussions and homework to provide individuals with knowledge and skills to help themselves manage their fatigue.”

It comprises six sessions run over 6-7 weeks with each session building on the previous session.  Each session is 1hour 45min except the first session which is 2 hours.  The group is closed and limited to 8-10 people to allow group participation.  The course is designed for people who are still mobile either with or without walking aids and who are able to cope within a group context.  It is led by two health professionals.

FACETS originated from an MS Society, MS Trust and BUPA funded research project  that was undertaken in Poole.


  • To normalise the experience of fatigue
  • Learn how to use available energy effectively
  • Learn “helpful thinking styles” about fatigue

There are certain inclusion and exclusion requirements for the FACETs programme – Trish can explain these to you but these include.

  1. Not started a new disease modifying drug (beta-interferon, glatimarer acetate) or depression medication in last 3 months as the side effect can be fatigue.
  2. No relapse in last 3 months
  3. Able to engage in a group
  4. Not under care of psychological and addition services
  5. Not had a fatigue intervention from and occupational therapist or other healthcare professional in the last 3 months.
  6. Able to walk at least 25 foot/7metres with or without a walking aid.

Southampton and District Branch FACETS

There will be a small charge of £30 for the course – the Southampton and District branch will subsidise the balance for people living in their area: Bishop’s Waltham and Fair Oak to Lyndhurst, Totton, Romsey and Ampfield to Eastleigh, Bassett, Portswood, Hedge End, Weston to Bitterne and Shirley.

For people living outside this region please contact Trish to discuss.


25 January 2016 – 7 March 2016 (Chilworth Hall) 10am – 12noon.

Further programmes will take place during 2016.  Please contact Trish for more information via the contact page.