Trish Sampson is a HCPC registered physiotherapist and podiatrist with a special interest in MS. She is passionate about understanding and using biomechanics to inform treatments, both current and novel future ones, to rehabilitate people with neurological or musculoskeletal ailments.

Trish works privately primarily with people with MS. She has worked within the neurological rehabilitation division within the Faculty of Health Science at the University of Southampton. Here she worked on a MS funded research project for people with MS who had weakness in their arms. This proof of concept study established that treatment using functional electrical stimulation (FES), robotics and virtual reality was feasible to improve weakness about the shoulder in these people. Trish completed her Masters degree at the University of Southampton where she investigated the effect of using FES for controlling tremor in people with MS. Trish retains strong links with the Faculty of Health Science. Trish has also worked within the NHS.

Trish’s aims are to identify and implement affordable ways to provide rehabilitation therapy to people with MS through targeted exercise. She has started up the programme called STaRS (Strength Training and Rehabilitation Sessions) which is based on the “Getting the Balance Right” research undertaken by Dr Susan Cootes in Ireland and the MS Society Ireland.  The STaRS programme has been running successfully with the Southampton and District Branch of the MS Society during 2015 and further sessions are planned for 2016.

Trish will be looking to improve and expand the STaRS programme going forward into other areas of rehabilitation. Trish is also keen to incorporate this STaRS programme into research in order to gain evidence as to the benefits.


Trish is registered with the HCPC under her full name, Patricia Sampson.

Trish is also a member of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapists.

See  Trish Sampson BSc (Hons) MChs MSc MCSP at  LinkedIn


Research Publications

Sampson, P., Freeman, C.T., Coote, S., Demain, S., Feys, P., Meadmore, K. L. and Hughes, A. M. (2015) Using functional electrical stimulation mediated by iterative learning control and robotics to improve arm movement for people with Multiple Sclerosis. IEEE Transactions on Neural Systems and Rehabilitation Engineering.

Freeman, C.T.;  Sampson, P.;  Burridge, J.H.;  Hughes, A.-M. (2015) Repetitive control of functional electrical stimulation for induced tremor suppression. Mechatronics.

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